1. Cutlery set included.
  2. The S version is equipped with only one container.
  3. Ideal for transporting and consuming food outside the home.
  4. Stable, base with non-slip feet.
  5. Internal separator to divide food without contamination.
  6. Steam vent valve for microwave use.
  7. Easy to close and carry thanks to the soft handle.
  8. The lid becomes a phone holder.
  9. Fully airtight, 100% watertight lids.
  10. The M version is equipped with two airtight containers.


by Raffaello Galiotto

22,9034,90 Price Including Tax

The lunchbox that changes the lunchbox: the internal separator divides food to preserve flavour and safety, the vent valve improves microwave performance and the airtight lid, with a hole for the charging cable or headphones, becomes a mobile phone holder.