A different idea of kitchen:
Blim plus.
My pleasure.


I promise I won’t make you change your mind. Or your kitchen. However, we can share a different idea of kitchen. An idea that respects the environment also thanks to a qualitative use of plastic. An idea that creates exclusive objects without excluding anyone; who has the courage to be new without being afraid of being simple; that does not need to go along with the latest fashion to be current; that doesn’t look at abstract beauty, but at what works for you. This idea is a collection: Blim plus. My pleasure.


I am Italian like the designer who conceived me. His name is Raffaello Galiotto, he belongs to that class of talents that Italy can offer. But he didn’t want to stop with the usual made in “something”. Of course: I am the result of the rigor, intuition and deep care that make my country great. But what are boundaries in the end if I can feel at home in every home? For me it only matters to make your life more pleasant and light. If you want I will help you to donate the design of a special day to everyday objects.

I am Italian like the designer who conceived me.

The hands that designed me were inspired by yours.


This is the first thing I would ask myself. What if it were easier to try? Look at me closely. Study me. Even if a detail may seem like a pure aesthetic choice, I assure you that it actually hides a function. Have you ever seen a funnel with an airtight tab? It is to block the water with a finger. And a colander with holes arranged differently than usual? It’s to prevent a single piece of spaghetti from slipping. And a cutting board that is not all straight but curved? It is not to disperse liquids. And… that’s enough. The experience is yours. I can tell you that yes, I will work. Because the hands that designed me were inspired by yours.


I am made of polypropylene, a very resistant plastic material, thermally insulated and easy to recycle because it is unique and does not need to be split. But you can keep me as long as you want. In fact, each piece is specially designed to potentially last indefinitely: just note the quality of the thicknesses or the absence of steps on the bottom of the objects, so as to facilitate thorough washing and prevent moisture from settling. If the most important environment is yours, a healthier planet makes everyone happy. I respect him, I respect you.

You can keep me as long as you want.

  • Designed and produced 100% in Italy

  • Innovative and functional design

  • Non-toxic and antibacterial

  • Shock resistant


I imagine that by the time you get here, you will have already found some answers. But know that there is still so much to discover. Do you know the saying: “The whole is superior to its parts”? It represents me. Each part of me, with its own specific shade of color, can be considered a unique piece. But if you look a little further, you will realize that each individual unit is connected in its own way to the others.Together they create something more than just a set. Isn’t that what we were saying from the start? A new kitchen idea. Good exploration then. Thanks for making me feel at home.

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  • Complementary pieces

  • Made of polypropylene

  • 100% recyclable

  • Durable over time

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